• Achieve Business Growth

    Create and Manage Projects to

    - Create a Platform for Growth

    - Begin & Establish Growth

    - Optimize Growth

  • Create a Business Growth Solution

    Create a Platform for Growth - Add Skills

    Begin & Establish Growth - Enter New Markets

    Optimize Growth - Develop Existing Markets

  • Add Skills & Experience

    Create a Platform for Growth

  • Sow Seeds & Begin Growth

    Enter Early Market

    Launch from Original Idea/Lab to First Customers

  • Establish Growth

    Enter Mainstream Market

    Launch from Early Market to Mainstream Market

  • Optimize Growth

    Develop Existing Markets

    Diagnose Challenges, Create and Deliver Solutions to Optimize Growth

  • Business Growth Solutions Summary

    Add Skills & Experience

    Create a Platform for Growth

    Enter New Markets

    Begin & Establish Growth

    Develop Existing Markets

    Optimize Growth

Create a Platform for Business Growth

Creating & Managing Projects to Deliver Business Growth

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Choose us to Deliver Business Growth

  • To Complement your Existing Team:   Innovative Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Product Marketing programmes. Created and Delivered using latest Project Management, Tools and Methodologies.
  • To Reduce Risk: Supported by experience & success in B2B, IT and Telecom markets. Backed by successful Case Histories and Recommendations.
  • To Deliver compelling Value:  Engagement Model and Results combine to deliver value .

Flexible Engagement Model

The engagement model can be tailored to deliver compelling value.
Options include short term consultancy, interim and longer term contracts. Roles range form Sales director to Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager and Project Manager and will match the requirement and delivery required..


Engagement Examples

Diagnose Challenge: 1 Day, 5 Day or 10 Day.
Create Solution: 5 Day, 10 Day or 1 Month.
Deliver Solution Objectives: 3 Month, 12 Month or 36 Month.
Sales Director: 5 Days per week for 6 Months.
Product Marketing Manager: 3 Days per week for 3 Months.
Project Manager: 5 Days per week for 12 Months.

Diagnose Challenge

On engagement, we follow a three step process:-
  • Step 1: Diagnose Challenge
  • Step 2: Create Solution
  • Step 3: Deliver Solution Objectives
Challenges normally fall into generic categories as follows:

Business Challenge


First Launch Of Products into Market. New Products, New Organisations, New Territories, New Sales and Marketing Strategies.
Launch Products into Mainstream Market Sale Must now Focus on Solution rather than Technology
Build a Sales Team Achieve Financial& Market Growth Targets, Accurate Forecasts, Healthy Pipeline
Need to Achieve Quantum Leap in Revenues and Beachhead in Market Segment New Strategy, New Tools and Process, Team Leadership, Find and Win New Major Breakthrough Accounts
Existing Business is Under-Performing Currently Missing Financial & Market Growth Targets. Also delivering Inaccurate Forecasts & Poor Pipeline

Create Solution

Business Solutions include Enter New Markets and Develop Existing Markets. Each solution is a programme that combines a number of sub-solutions as projects as dictated by the challenges diagnosed.


Full Solution Deliverables

Sales Strategy Targets (Revenues, Margin, Customers, Market Share &Cost)
Sales Team Customer References - Customers that prove that Value has been Delivered.
Customer Acquisition - Win Major Breakthrough Accounts Accurate Forecasts
Healthy Pipeline

Deliver Solution Objectives

Delivery includes setting objectives, engaging team members and then executing to a plan. During Solution Development, a Project Plan will be created that will include:
  • Deliverables
  • Major Milestones
  • Controls
  • Tools & Methodologies
  • Reporting
The Project plan will be developed and managed using Prince 2 techniques. Tools & Methodologies, as required, are provided by OBrien Business Solutions.

Report on Solution Progress

Reporting on progress will be agreed as part of the project plan. Reporting is normally:-
  • Ad Hoc
  • Weekly Highlights & Issues
  • Monthly Forecast
  • Major Account Update per week and month as Required
  • Milestone Achievement