Leadership is about Clearing the Obstacles

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September 4, 2015 · by Ray · Business Solutions, Leadership



Once, as a team, you  have decided that you are running in certain direction, then it’s the leader’s job to clear the path, get the obstacles out of the way and make it fast to make decisions.

Another way of saying this is that it’s the leader’s job to create the environment for success and the largest part of this is about clearing barriers to performance out of the way. Find and remove the objections to achieving the objectives.

Let the team run as far and as fast as the environment will allow and they can achieve.
If there are too many obstacles to handle at once then use voting to find out what the team believe are the biggest obstacles and then focus on them and get them removed. Then move onto the next. For large widely dispersed teams then technology can help with surveys, collaboration tools and social networking tolls available.

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