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5 New Things about Web Design

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May 7, 2011 · by Ray · Web Design
1. Interesting battle between Javascript and Flash. Both have their place. Javascript gaining momentum.
2. JQuery is one of a number of proforma libraries built on Javascript that can be used to build great effects such as sliders, carousels etc. Growth in computing power has enabled greater flexibility and dynamism.
3. The structure is evolving to style in CSS, Markup in HTML and Dynamics in Javascript supported by standard libraries. The mixture enables much more dynamic websites. HTML 5 will move this structure further forward.
4. Apple opting out of Flash put a big dent in Flash early growth.
5. Whilst websites must be general, coping with wide range of browsers and devices, Apps are designed for specific browsers and devices and as such offer a much better customer experience.

Web Design: 5 Things I learned Recently

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May 7, 2011 · by Ray · Web Design
1. The creativity,  computing power and network interconnectivity required to present web pages is mind blowing.

2. An amazing amount of work is done by individuals who create scripts and publish them for free.

3. Others use these scripts as building blocks to create new programs etc. You can almost see evolution at work.

4. Creating a website for a small business is getting easier but can vary widely in cost and complexity. One of the most impressive I came across isSquarespace. Another is Wix.

5. Online shopping is a whole new level of complexity for the uninitiated. Paypal has a low cost entry solution but is not elegant.