Enter New Markets

  • Enter New Markets
    Begin & Establish Growth

    Enter New Markets

    This solution includes the following elements:

    • Business Diagnosis followed by a
    • Market Entry Programme that includes the creation of some or all of
      • Customer Profile
      • Value Proposition
      • Go To Market Team
      • Customer Relationships
      • Revenue Streams

    The deliverables from the solution will include:

    • Target Achievement (Revenues, Margin, Market Share, Customers & Costs)
    • Customer References
    • Accurate Forecast
    • Healthy Pipeline

  • Diagnose

    Diagnose Challenges

    One size des not fit all and so solution creation will start with business diagnosis. This will cover all aspects of the sales process and will include the value proposition and references. Information will be obtained from internal and external sources - customers and prospects (if they exist) being very valuable sources.

    • Are there clear Customer Profiles?
    • Does a Value Proposition exist?
    • Is there evidence that Product Value has been delivered?
    • Do any Customer References exist:- References may not be available because (i) there are customers in early stage of implementation and are not yet willing to be references, (ii) customers who have final installation but are not sure or not happy with the solution and are unwilling to be suitable references or (iii) No suitable customers have been won yet.
    • Do any customers exist?

    • Does a Sales Team Exist? Is it achieving targets? Are forecasts accurate? Is pipeline healthy? Are costs acceptable?
    • Is there a Sales Process, a Sales Management System, a Sales Automation System?
    • Is Marketing integrated ans providing sales tools, lead generation and market coverage?
    • Does a Sales Strategy exist? -

    In reality will often require a mixture of market entry and market development solutions in taht some parts will need creation and other development

  • Create

    Create a Market Entry Solution

    Create a solution based on a programme that will combine creation of and developments to sales strategy, sales team and customer acquisition as follows:-

    • Create accurate customer profiles
    • Create and communicate a Value Proposition
    • Ensure that the product delivers (compelling) value.
    • Create positive references (from existing or new customers).

    • Create a high performance sales team to achieve financial targets, create a healthy pipeline and provide accurate forecasts.
    • Win new breakthrough major accounts to consolidate existing market position, accelerate growth and improve sales team confidence.

  • Deliver

    Deliver Value, Deliver Objectives

    Clear objectives must be set with a clear plan, then engage the team with intrinsic and extrinsic rewards and then execute to deliver objectives.