Go To Market Team

  • Go To Market Team
    Bring Value Proposition to Market

    Go To Market Team - Bring the Value Proposition to Market

    A Go To market Team is a collection of the internal and external resources necessary to bring the Value Proposition to market

    The different reources are as follows:

    • Own and Partner resources to create the Value Proposition
    • Own and Partner channels to bring the Value Proposition to Market

    Creating the Value proposition may include Product Management, Product Marketing, Project Management, Internal Development Resources, Partner Resources. It may include Account Management, Bid Management etc. where a bespoke solution is created for the customer.

    Breaking down the sales, delivery and support phases into 5 broad phases, each channel can cover some or all of these phases.

    • Awareness - How do we raise awareness about our compnay's products and services?
    • Evaluation - How do we help customers evaluate our organization's Value Proposition?
    • Purchase - How do we allo customers to purchase specific products and services?
    • Delivery - Ho do we deliver a Value Proposition to customers?
    • After Sales Support - How do we provide post-purchase customer support?

    The organization can chose between reaching its customers through its own Channels, through partner Channels or a mixture of both.Partner Channels areindirect and span a whole range of options, such as wholesale distribution, retail or partner-owned web sites. Owned channels can be direct such as a field sales force or a web site. Or can be indirect such as retail stores owned and operated by a different part of the organization.

    Partner Channels lead to lower margins, but they allow an organization to expand its reach and benefit from partner strengths. Owned Channels and particularly direct ones have higher margins, but can be costly to put in place and operate. The trick is to find the right balance, to integrate them to create a great customer experience, maximize revenus and optimize costs.

    A direct fields salesforce is a very expensive and complex undertaking and is ecxplored in more detail for the rest of this topic.

  • Sales Team Creation

    Sales Team Creation - Deliverables

    The Creation of a High Performance Sales Team uses the sales process and sales team design created in the Sales Strategy

    The deliverables are as follows:

    • A High Performance Sales Team that delivers:
    • Achieve Targets (Revenues, Margin, Market Share, Customers & Costs
    • Accurate Forecasts
    • A Healthy Pipeline
    • With Market Leading Costs

    The Sales Team will include the following

    • A Hiring Process
    • A Reward System
    • Leadership including Performance Management
    • Sales Process Implementation
    • A Sales Management System to enable Diagnosis and Coaching
    • A Sales Automation System to enable efficient storage and distribution of information
    • Marketing Integration for Lead Generation, Market Coverage and Sales Tools

  • Sales Team Creation

    Creating a High Performance Sales Team - Method

    Hire the right Sales People and support with a Reward System and appropriate metrics.

    Create a High Performance Sales Team by combining Leadership with a scalable Sales Model.

  • Sales Team Creation
    Attract High Potential

    First: Attract Sales People with High Potential

    A key to success is to create a professional hiring process. This means that the role well defined and the process very professional. It will recognise, target and attract sales people with the potential to be high performers. Good people always have options so they must be sold to. Potential high performers are attracted by the company culture and its reward system.

    The reward system must be designed carefully to motivate the desired behaviours. It includes monetary items but also many soft items such as job satisfaction, growth prospects and status. The reward system must include and be supported by metrics that measure and report key performance indicators.

  • Sales Team Creation

    Then: Create a High Performance Sales Culture

    This is achieved by combining Leadership with a scalable sales model. The sales model will improve efficiency and effectiveness by implementing:-

    • A Sales Process (Increases efficiency and effectiveness through facilitating transfer of best practice from stars to rest of the sales team).
    • A Sales Management System (Increases effectiveness with some efficiency through facilitating diagnosis and coaching).
    • A Sales Automation System (Increases efficiency with some effectiveness through automated reporting and on demand information).
    • Integrate Marketing (Increases efficiency and effectiveness through lead generation, market coverage and sales tools).

    High performing sales people (stars) have a unique combination of skills and knowledge. They excel at building customer relationships, developing successful strategies, managing internal resources and beating their targets every year. The right sales model will incorporate the best of these skills and experience and facilitates the instruction, support and coaching an average sales person into a star.

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